• Sober Single Blade Razor

Sober Single Blade Razor


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The giant among safety razors. With a length of 10 cm and a fighting weight of 88 grams of robust stainless steel, no facial hair stands a chance against this weapon. With our new safety razor, we have placed a well-thought-out and ergonomic tool into men‘s hands, to make wet shaves simpler and more thorough than ever before. Our razor provides great satisfaction with its casual elegance, ease of use and masculine design, and a precious, impact- and scratch-resistant black matte coating. The razor‘s long handle allows you to draw it perfectly across the skin, ensuring clean results and comfortable skin after shaving.

Safety razors have been considered style classics for generations, with special attention paid to detail. They are also easy to take along on trips: Classic, extra-sharp safety blades can be found all over the world (or directly here in our shop) and replaced by unscrewing the cover. The blades can be obtained inexpensively, and the shave‘s professional quality make safety razors the superior alternative to tradi- tional shaving systems. Made in Germany.

Material Stainless Steel
Case Paper; 100% recycled (FSC® seal

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