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Ready for a shaving experience that‘s never less than amazing, even when you‘re travelling? The sober shave brush, made of light and stable aluminium and silvertip fibre, is superior to natural hair. It‘s the perfect tool for achieving the best possible shaving-cream foaming effect and for positioning facial hair so that the blade can glide evenly over the skin.

Getting the best possible shave requires the best tools – including when you‘re on the road. The three- part aluminium shave brush has an aluminium case with a black matte finish: The brush can be retrac- ted into it and stored after usage. We spent a considerable amount of time ensuring that the individual hairs were perfectly hand-placed into the head of the brush to ensure maximum stability and reliability during usage. The head‘s exceptional design also ensures that the brush continues to breathe even when it is retracted back into the case – preventing, from the start, the possibility of bacterial growth. Made in Germany.

Material Body: Aluminium; Head: Silvertip Fibre®Case Paper; 100% recycled (FSC® seal)

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